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We are so amazed at how successful 2017 turned out to be! We want to thank everyone and let’s do it again even bigger and bolder in 2018! 



Happy New Year!!!

Our staff here at Dental Claims Complete would just like to wish everyone in the Dental Community and beyond; a very

Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year!


It’s about that time again…..

Well, it’s that time of year again. It’s the nearing the end of the year “Holiday Season” and kids will soon be out of school for winter break, the older kids will also be returning home from College for a few weeks and parents are going to realize “I better make appointments for my kids to get their teeth cleaned while they are home from school” As they call your office, next they realize “Can I book appointments for myself & my spouse? We both need treatment and have insurance money left and we want to make sure we use it up before it expires”!

Sound familiar? Tis the season!

Dental Claims Complete can help.Outsourcing your insurance billing has many benefits, but this time of year one of the ones that stands out specifically is the fact that now your staff has the time that is required for the year-end chaos. Backing up the front desk, tracking down aging patient accounts, verifying remaining benefits, (especially this time of year) following-up on incomplete treatment plans, or rolling room to room with you. Working together makes for very high rate case acceptance. That’s the beauty of dental offices; the action never stops!

Contact us today for a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION consultation! Let us show you how we can be an asset to your practice.

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STILL not sure about outsourcing……?

Some Dental practitioners may still be finding themselves a bit apprehensive about outsourcing. The reality is that with the rapid rate of technology growth, the ever changing rules and regulations in our legislature, and our local state labor laws; consider outsourcing an investment in your business. Let our team of professionals here at DCC help to ensure that all areas of your insurance billing and claims payments are being processed correctly, to their maximum potential and in a timely fashion. We have spent nearly eighteen years both inside the dental office setting and behind the scenes. We know how busy a typical dental office can be on any given day. By having DCC take care of your insurance billing needs this enables your staff the time necessary to get back to the truly important in-office needs of your patients. Including treatment planning and case acceptance, having enough time to thoroughly answer all of your patient’s questions and address their concerns, tracking down and collecting on outstanding balances, and successfully keeping your schedule booked! All of these lead to increased productivity and generate revenue for you and the practice.

If you think that your numbers aren’t aligning with the amount of production you know you are doing, or maybe you feel like you have large amounts of outstanding accounts receivable; maybe your insurance person is doing a thorough job on your claims. Any of these scenarios could be true, and are common. Often times there are explainable reasons for the above mentioned causes; yet a lot of the time however, it is not a direct result of a incompetent insurance biller. Usually (but not always) it is a result of an overworked biller. Example: Most offices have one person in charge of all the billing. This person also usually backs up other areas of the office as well. Front desk, phones, some even will jump in and take x-rays or assist. Which is all awesome and can come in handy. But more often than not, there isn’t someone else in the office knowledgeable enough to back up the biller if/when they get sick or take a medical leave, etc.

When the insurance biller is absent, your payments become absent!

By having Dental Claims Complete as your billing and claims administrators we are not an employee of the dental office. We are always here for you. We do not call in sick, you don’t pay for our vacations and even better than that, when you are on vacation we are still working! And because we are an independent company and not employees, any concerns about safety and security regarding you and your patient’s information, you can rest assured. Our company adheres to the highest levels of technical safeguards available. We are a small family based company, owned and operated under one roof. We DO NOT, under ANY circumstances use mobile devices to conduct business. Additionally, as federal law indicates we are just as obligated to follow the stringent privacy safeguards as the Dental Providers; otherwise we risk the same penalties as a Dental Providers. As such, and in accordance with state and federal law we are required to have a signed Business Associates Agreement retained on file for each office we provide services’ to. We cannot start work without one, to do so would be a violation.

Our goal is to ease the minds of any/all Practitioners whom may be considering using Dental Claims Complete for their insurance processing needs. We are getting ready to expand our service area and looking forward to the new area! Thank you for your support and in anyone has any questions feel free to call us at: 888-366-9766 or send us an email at: [email protected]

This just in!

Dental Claims Complete is now able to assist offices whom aren’t currently sending attachments electronically. Courtesy of our friends over at National Electronic Attachments, we are able to help providers establish service, waive the $200.00 activation fee AND receive a lower monthly rate on unlimited attachments! This includes all providers/dental offices. Including those whom do not currently utilize digital X-rays, you too can take advantage of the rapid payment return for all claims payments! 



Attachments include X-rays, charting, EOB’s, anything that is needed to get your claims processed and PAID you can send electronically with NEA’s technology. Even without having an expensive digital X-ray system in place OR a special copier. There is no “exceptions” with this system, only advantages. You will have a tracking # now. Not just for your claim, but for the attachment that  goes along with it. Gone are the days of duplicating X-rays, using double films, loosing X-rays, resubmitting X-rays, the nightmare is over!

Practitioners who are already sending attachments electronically are likely already familiar with NEA. Many offices, maybe you have not yet felt the need; or have been dreading the expense of upgrading to digital imaging; hence you’re billing and claims turnaround has been delayed. Even if you are sending some claims electronically, you have seen the rapid turnaround for things like cleaning, fillings, etc. Why not get all your payments that fast? THIS IS THE SOLUTION FOR YOU! Call us now for details and promo code to establish service with zero activation fee! (A $200 Value)

NEA has been the country’s leading innovator in improving the technology in both medical and dental electronic attachment transmissions. If you are sending prophylaxis claims electronically, you can send attachments to claims too! Call us now to find out about all the benefits that electronic claims outsourcing with Dental Claims Complete can do for your practice! Let us give you a free customized quote for our billing services, and more information about NEA’s services! Call now at 888-366-9766.

For more information about this and other informative topics check out:



Front Desks Finest

Learn some techniques that we hope will ease the daily routine for your front office staff.

 Your front desk is the heart of your dental office. An actual heart taking blood in and sending it out and off to the right places; in many ways this is like the job of the front desk.  They’re in charge of a barrage of tasks’ and usually doing multiple things at once. This can be a stressful and daunting task, and sometimes even overwhelming. Which is why it is up to you, the Dentist and owner of the practice to make sure you have the sharpest and strongest staff possible at the heart of your practice.

Key Factor’s

  • In order to ensure you build a solid and strong front office team in which you can rely on to get your collections done, keep your schedule full and keep the order of the front desk; there are a certain qualities that are required of a FD employee. These aren’t ones that can be taught or acquired. These are ones that are a part of a persons character. They include: strength, sharpness, ability to multi-task, an independent thinker, a problem solver, and general intelligence. Just having somebody whom wants to be there, and wants to learn new things can turn out to be a huge asset to your office. 
  • All financial policies should be solid, secure and must be written down!  In employee manuals, posted in the waiting room, and again at the front desk. “Payment is due at the time treatment is rendered” If the front desk cannot or will not collect the patient copayments; this should be inexcusable. You wouldn’t tolerate employee theft right? Essentially the end result is the same. Both of these actions equal loss of income…… to you. Imagine how they would feel if you forgot or were unable to pay them? Bottom line is, sure there are always going to be instances (this should be almost non-existent, we will discuss how to prevent this all together in a later post) of patients who have no intention of paying and will do everything and anything to get out of paying, those the FD cannot do anything about. As for any collections where the patient just simply wasn’t stopped/or asked for payment upon check-out, now that is a problem that should be addressed and rectified immediately.

That is all for this section, but stay tuned for more updates of “Front Desks Finest” 
Thanks for stopping by and come back again soon!

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