Dental Insurance Services Los Angeles CA

Insurance Billing Services

The following services are included in our monthly billing:

Billing and Processing of Claims: Working directly from your database, we send out all of your daily claims along with any necessary attachments. On occasion certain information may need to be sent via USPS, we will gladly forward that information at no additional charge.

Claim Scrubbing: Each claim is carefully reviewed for accuracy by us. In addition to reviewing claims for accuracy, we review claims to check for errors, we also check for the need of any attachments, narratives, EOB’s or any other supporting documentation.

Claim Coding: While reviewing your daily claims for accuracy we check to make sure that your staff is using the correct coding that will ensure the highest possible payment allowable.

We Gather: All the necessary clinical information and documentation that is needed for each claim from your database, in order to get your claims processed and paid in a timely manner.

Tracking: We will gladly track all pending claims that we have submitted on our clients behalf.

Posting Insurance Payments: Using your EOB’s and EFT reports we are able to accurately post your patient insurance payments to accounts and reconcile with your office generated bank deposits. You receive daily reports from us indicating footnotes with pertinent information regarding certain claims/payment outcomes.

Appeals: In the event a claim should come back denied, or with a request for more information; we have the knowledge and experience to independently gather the necessary information and generate an appeal from your database in order to successfully appeal the claim for payment.

Secondary Claims: We automatically submit secondary claims upon receipt of primary insurers payment.