Dental Insurance Claim Scrubbing Los Angeles CA

Dental Claims Complete

A common misconception a lot of folks have is that their clearinghouse reviews claims for accuracy. Well not exactly. Clearinghouses catch obvious errors such as spaces left completely blank on a claim form such as when the front desk was unable to get the subscriber’s DOB from the patient when they created an account.

What we do is much different. It requires an eye for details. We comb thru the claims and check for accuracy, as well as the need for any attachments or supporting documentation.

For example, there may be two Robert Jones in one family: Senior and Junior. A common clerical input error can occur when 11-year-old Robert Jones, Jr. comes in for his check-up and the front desk erroneously creates a claim for 40-year-old Robert Jones, Sr. for exam, prophy, and fluoride.

These types of errors are all too common in a practice and can take up to three months to untangle if it reaches the insurance company. The best course of action, stop it from happening.