Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Insurance Billing & Services

Dental Claims Complete In Los Angeles CA

Q. Is there any start-up charge?
A. No, we do not charge a start-up fee.

Q. How much is your service? Am I obligated to stay with you for a certain amount of time?
A. We do not require a contract, so you are not obligated into a contract. If in the event, you did request to discontinue service; a thirty-day notice would be appreciated. Regarding costs’, costs’ vary per office. Each office is different in size. Size generally dictates the amount of revenue, which in turn determines how much work our staff has to do. For pricing the best thing to do would be to contact our office for an accurate quote. We can be reached via on-line contact form, or you can call us at Chatsworth Office Phone Number 888-366-9766. Call us anytime day or night! If you get our message center, please leave a message with your details- we will return your call!

Q. Our office does not have digital x-rays yet, can we still use your services?
A. Yes. As long as you at least have an internet connection in place; we can.
Please call for further details.

QWhat about my patient’s billing and statements? Do you handle those also?
A. We do not. Here’s why- Your patients’ and the relationships that you and your staff have built with them are the core of your practice. We are your tool to help keep their costs’ at a minimum, while ensuring you are compensated for the treatment you provide. Your staff is there to provide patient counseling and assistance when they have questions, your staff is there to answer those questions.

Q. Is your company HIPPA compliant?
A. Dental Claims Complete, Llc is structured to meet and comply with HIPAA’s compliancy regulations. Any business we do is done only AFTER signing a Business Associate Agreement with said “Covered Entity.” This ensures both parties are in compliance with HIPAA/HITECH laws and regulations.

Q.Which Dental software’s do you work with?
A.Our team is skilled and trained in nearly all the major dental practice management programs on the market today. Feel free to call our office for further information.