Why Outsource Your Dental Insurance Billing to Dental Claims Complete

Dental Insurance Billing Services

Outsourcing to Dental Claims Complete has many advantages for a dental office. Many of our calls are from offices who have a large amount of outstanding and unexplainable insurance aging, usually due to lack of adequate staff. Others may be looking to reduce overhead costs. Sometimes an office has a vacancy, either temporary (if a staff member is out on medical leave or vacation) or permanent.

Our main goal is to help increase your insurance revenue and ensure you’re getting the fastest payment turnaround time possible.

  • We are masters in cutting through insurance company’s nonsense and red tape. We are all too familiar with the insurance companies and their tactics. We ensure that all necessary measures are taken on the original submission of every claim to ensure a speedy payment turnaround. However, in the event of a denial, we have all the necessary supporting documentation tools to get claims turned over on appeals, and your claims paid.
  • By outsourcing your insurance billing and claims processing, your staff will be relieved of the burden and stress that is associated with dealing with insurance companies. Once that burden has been lifted, they can get back to what keeps your office thriving, delivering the full quality of care to your patients.
  • Let the front desk, or existing biller, shift their focus away from claims and insurance billing, and spend their time ensuring filling your schedule, collecting patient balances, following up on outstanding patient balances and unscheduled treatments, and working on case acceptance. All of these tasks help increase revenue and direct cash flow right back to your bottom line.
  • Our team’s advantage is that we don’t have the distractions that an office employee has when trying to perform the same job. Your staff has patients coming and going, phones ringing, and non-stop interruptions. We do not have any of those things. Accuracy is an absolute must when performing any type of financial transaction.
  • Dental Claims Complete is always working. You don’t have to worry about someone calling in sick, and your income stalling. Since we are not employees, we do not receive sick pay, overtime pay, vacation pay, or any other overhead costs associated with employee benefits.

These are just a few of the numerous benefits of outsourcing that can be an asset to your practice. If you have any questions, or are ready to get started, we can be reached at [email protected] or Chatsworth Office Phone Number 888-366-9766.